About Me

I started developing software applications 3 years ago and i have relished every moment of it. I am fascinated with technology and its application to solving problems in my community and the world at large. This led me to co-founding a couple of startups, one of which is BetaGrades Africa, an IT solutions company that offers software as a service, lifting the manual implementation of many educational approach.

As a natural problem solver with a great passion for my work, i'm always amped to taking up and resolving challenging and "frustrating" issues, with detailed, careful analysis and persistence. I have successfully helped businesses of different kind and startups build and improve their online presence, leverage technology for efficiency, scale and reach a larger audience.

I'm always interested in learning and staying abreast the latest, cutting-edge technologies. In addition, I am passionate about enacting positive changes and giving back to my community. I manage and volunteer at ProjectREED, a non-profit project that aims to redefine education in Africa. I also have an interest in Open-source community and will like to contribute whenever i can.

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B.Tech in Computer Science - Federal University of Technology, akure (FUTA) - 2012 - 2017

The university did even more in stoking my love for technology. I learned and had first-hand experience with differernt aspects of Computing like Algorithms, Programming languages, Software architecture, and so on.

  • As part of my final year project, i deployed a web application to Microsoft Azure cloud and also conducted performance and security test on it with various cloud tools at my disposal. 2017
  • Built an MVC E-commerce website with PHP and MySQL 2016
  • Built a Computer Based Testing System 2015


AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate) - AWS

AWS Certified Developer (Associate) - AWS

Certified Cisco Network Asscociate - New Horizons Computer Center



I'm always getting my hands dirty with different areas of mobile and web development from front-end programming(HTML, CSS, JQuery/Javascript, ReactJS) to backend programming(Laravel, PHP(MVC)), database design, RESTful API development, Third-party API integration, Payment Integration and Native, cross-platform mobile application developent with React Native. I am committed to the application of these skills in solving problems and making life easier for all.

Programming Languages
  • 1 // Some of the programming languages i am proficient at and experienced with:
  • 4JavaScript (ES6/7)
  • 5PHP
  • 7 # Programming languages I'm looking to learn.
  • 8 # Python & Machine Learning
Cloud Platforms
  • 1 // Cloud platforms i use:.
  • 2Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • 3Microsoft Azure
  • 3 # Cloud platforms i'm looking to get more familiar with.
  • 4 # Google Cloud Platform & Oracle Cloud
Backend Technologies
  • 1 // Where my true love about programming lies.
  • 2Serverless
  • 2Laravel
  • 3MySQL
  • 4DynamoDB
  • 5MongoDB
  • 6APIs
  • 7 # Backend technologies i'm interested in learning next.
  • 8 # Node.js & GraphQL
Frontend Technologies
  • 1
  • 2HTML5
  • 3CSS3
  • 4Bootstrap
  • 5JQuery
  • 6AJAX
  • 7React/Redux
  • 9 # Frontend technologies i am looking to learn.
  • 10 # VueJS & CSS Grid
Mobile Technologies
  • 1 // Technologies i use in designing and developing mobile applications:.
  • 2React Native
  • 2Expo (CRNA)
  • 3Android Studio
  • 4 # Mobile Technologies i am looking to learn:
  • 4 # Flutter
  • 1 // Tools i use:.
  • 2Git
  • 3Webpack
  • 5NPM
  • 6Yarn
  • 7Composer
  • 8BabelJS
  • 9 # Tools i am currently learning.
  • 9 # Docker & Kubernetes
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